Leveraging your PAST ARTIFACTS

Professional UAT Strategy

Always look back for the templates and past project artifacts when you start working on any deliverables. It is much easier to enhance previous document than to create from scratch. Another benefit is that the Template Standard your created may not meet the company’s PMO standard. Every document you create, after approval is considered formal artifacts (asset of company) and they need to follow the artifact standards of your company. Example – Disclosure notes of your company for certain Artifacts. Fonts, Layout, Logo, content etc may be other examples where you may slip unknowingly.

Leverage what then?

  • Past or existing Artifacts (like UAT scenarios) that were used to test similar business processes for other projects may be leveraged during the creation of your final artifact (say UAT scenarios Document).
  • If the project requires multiple iterations or phase or deployments, the artifacts (say scenarios) that were written for previous deployments may be leveraged.
  • Normally, PMO office manages and maintains the templates for their projects. Always check back with the PMO office for the existing library of templates or actual artifacts that can be reviewed and re-used.
  • Another way may be to ask team members of other projects to provide you some samples or templates of their artifacts. Within a company sample template can be reused over and over again without worrying about the copyrights law.

**Never use other company’s artifacts until and unless you are granted permission to use. We have few free samples available to use for educational use. Commercial use are prohibited. 


Let us help you ease your conflicting thoughts ?

If you think using the past artifact as the template is wrong then you are still in your school/university mind set of plagiarism. All these artifacts are considered company assets so no question of  plagiarism here, you can use same template millions of times as you wish. On the top of that , if you constantly improve an artifact/template via feedbacks, lesson-learned and continues improvement to meet the company standard then that template will be the most accurate & current artifact. If one template is used throughout the program, then it helps in with the reporting and it is can be easily understood by all members who have seen this artifacts in other projects. It increases the coordination and comfortablity in gathering data, presenting and documenting the information. Note – this template must always be updated to current state based on the lesson learned and feedbacks from all stakeholders. PLUS- we are not suggesting these templates can’t be change rather we are saying we start with this awesome template and then modify it to meet out need. 

 Let us know if it helped you in your professional life ! 

February 24, 2015

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