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Get trained in the latest standard of Information Technology from experienced Trainers and professional SMEs. Visit "All Courses" Page to learn more about the training-s. Below training-s are mostly available through out the year.

  • AG Project Management
  • AG Business Analysis
  • AG Quality Assurance
  • AG Java Developer
  • AG .NET Developer
  • AG VMware

Accountancy Group Employee, Contractors and Clients are trained on the Accountancy Standards (GAAP, IFRS) and Standards defined by Boards of CA/CPAs & Boards of Accountancy for each state, or country.

Client Training are free for all our accounting clients. Accountancy Group Accounting-Cloud Platform enables us to provide you most advance and optimum services and train you in latest ways of Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables & Cash flow management. Our “Professional Development and Leadership Training” Program is most admired and loved by many CEOs of small businesses.

Everyone including working or non-working professionals will be eligible to access How-TOs videos and classes. Examples- how to build a website easily? How to market your company ? How to prepare for your new job or interview ? ALL FREE to ACCESS

You may read the book or surf around the YouTube or Google to find a better way completing your assignments, but it will always a challenge to implement it in real world situation. Here in these training-s we will fill the gap between the working professional expertise and the just the reader knowledge. We should know about the content of book, but is worthless until you implement it. We are here to help you implement it and with an ease by offering both instructor based and self-study classes.

Our slogan is to care, love and project individuals and business from the future unforeseen losses, occurring mainly due to their incomplete knowledge of the subject. Have you ever wondered why we offer free and discounted services, although we are in loss ? Ask our clients if no ? We want to see them all smile.




Support Team

 Our team support all our trainees and clients by staying live to answer all your questions from system issues to accounting. Please feel free to chat live or call us 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST, if late then leave us a message. All your questions will be answered! 
Contact your support team for any assistance.
Pankaj Karn

Pankaj Karn [ Partners & Support ]


Nisha Khadka [ Accounting, CS Supports ]

Sumit Modi

Sumit Modi [ Sales & CS Support ]

STMS Solutions

AG/STMS Team [ Technology Support ]


It is a teacher (trainer) and student (apprentice) relationship that creates the environment for the knowledge to grow beyond any limitation. See how your trainers look like!
Meet your trainers and contact them if you need any assistance.

Sage Chhetri [ .Sr. PM/Trainer ]



James Parker [ Accouting & Systems ]



Biru S. [ Java Dev Manager/Trainer ]


Pratik [ Quality Assurance ]



Linda [ Customer Service ]



Tom Jose [ .net Dev Manager/Trainer ]


Marry [ Web App. Dev ]



Nick Joshi [ VM System Admin/Trainer ]

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