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Project Life Cycle (PMI & IIBA):: Quantified Training Plan

Following table provides a correlation metrics to demonstrate how much of the IIBA & PMI-PMP standards will be covered in which phase during this training ? IEEE, CSEP and Six Sigma Lean standards will used as a small part in each unit.

IIBA & PMI-PMP Quantification based on PM Phases

Initiation & Planning (PMI 50%)

  • Project Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Project Methodologies
  • Project Selection Criteria
  • Project Initiation & Charter
  • IIBA Knowledge Area
    • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring (IIBA 20%),
    • Elicitation (IIBA 15%)
    • Requirements Management and Communications (IIBA 15%),
    • Enterprise Analysis (IIBA 15%)
    • Requirements Analysis (IIBA 20%)
    • Solution Assessment & Validation (IIBA 15%)
Executing (PMI 10%)

  • Coordinating
  • Team building Practices
  • Tracking, Mapping & Gap Analysis
Monitoring & Controlling (PMI 30%)

  • Tracking, Mapping & Gap Analysis
  • Validation of the Product (UAT)
  • Performance Review
  • Status Reporting
  • Issue, Risk, Dependency Resolution
Closing (PMI 10%)

  • Go/No Go Decision
  • Procurement Closure
  • Phase Closure
  • Archival of Artifacts & lesson Learned

(And additional content which can’t be shown directly in above mentioned phases will also be explored during the training)


Unit Structure

All units will follow the following pattern for this eBA L1 Training:

Unit Objective: <list of objectives that will be covered in the unit>

Unit Slides: <The slides used in class while recording>

Unit Videos

Instructor Video(s)< all the videos recorded for the unit will available in this section. For free units the videos will be broken down into smaller videos to make it load efficiently> 

Reference Video(s) <the videos which are not your trainers but useful for the unit will be available in this section to provide you all the concepts that may directly or indirectly help>

Unit Notes:

<This section will contains the text to present you anything which is not covered in videos>


<at the bottom of each unit you will see list of assignments applicable for each unit. When you click on each assignments then you will be taken to new tab which will contain additional instructions on submission of assignment >

Types of Assignments for this course:

  1. Class notes
  2. Job search
  3. Group discussion\Q&A
  4. Your artifacts and templates
  5. Quizzes:

Final project

PM Methodology: You will use a special form of Scalable Lean Project Management Methodology to deliver project artifacts. Refer to next free unit to learn about the methodology

Project Process Flow & Trainee Role:During this training, if will be asked to create the templates, then a project concept with vague scope will be given to you. Your trainer will act as the Business Owner/Sponsor and ask you to write the requirements, create solutions, and then development team will asked to create a standard solution based on the majority. You will then be asked to write the test plans/strategies, test cases and perform UAT on the product. You will finalize the UAT and close the project with the final Go-No Go meeting presentation. If you are just taking a part of the complete BA training then you may not be asked to follow all these steps. If you are taking the course named “Professional ENTERPRISE BUSINESS SYSTEM ANALYSIS L1 TRAINING” then it is a complete level-1 course with offline project as explained above.

This being a free unit the project details are not discussed in elaborated detail here – make sure to note following items before buying the course:

For instructor-based training -at the end of Training, each individual trainee will have to work together to create the final project artifacts and do final presentation – Go/No Go Meeting.

For video based training – You will have to work together if possible to verify your deliverables’ accuracy (team/peer inspection) before submitting your presentation. You are encouraged to create a video of final project presentation and share among the team -it is optional to create video however each individual trainee is required to submit final presentation for video based Training as well.

Note: The basic level training will not have a final live interactive project assigned to our trainees. Live interactive project means the project where there are PMs, BAs, SAs, and QAs working with Developers to create a complete project. However, after the trainees complete this basic level training they will move on to advanced level training where a live project will be executed from start to end. If your performance if beyond others then you may be requested to join this type of project even when you are enrolled in L1 training. 

Training Plan – Detail Version

Professional Business Analysis Training Plan – Detail Version:



Following presentation was used to create the videos above. Feel free to scroll to zoom in and out.


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