Prof .net MVC Training

Prof .net MVC Training

Video Based: .net MVC- Level 1 Training You will watch interactive videos, submit quizzes and assignments to understand all the ins and outs [...]
Video Based: .net MVC- Level 1 Training

You will watch interactive videos, submit quizzes and assignments to understand all the ins and outs of .net framework and mvc. It is not just a videos based training like youtube tutorials rather a professional training very similar to the training you take in corporate or professional life through your company.

  • This training is intended to expose all trainees to professional .net development with MVC Framework and SQL Databases
  • Interactions supported in online live discussions, public or private group discussions, or by personal email or phone chats. You can ask unlimited questions to your instructors not just during training but  even after the training for 5 years.
  • Live projects : As the project of this training, this batch will create a functional timesheet application in two different ways. You will use formal and official specifications & requirements  to build your applications. You may be requested to participate in Quality Assurance and Defect resolution  live sessions.
  • After attending this training, a developer shall experience latest MVC frameworks with live project and SQL Database Infrastructure. Project will include SQL Database development/Admin & jquery techniques and various plugins like charts etc. If this training followed correctly your will be confident professional who can create any new applications o in .net MVC & SQL.
  • On the Job Professional Training &  Support available if needed. 
  • Training  time – Anytime when you are free- you get three retakes which will completely restart the class. Special Instructor based videos available for who request first – fill-out the form on your right.
  • 1 year access to the live podcasts & videos via email. Access to webinars and conferences.

    Your Trainer Qualification:

    • Your Trainer is 18+ Years experienced in .net Development, Database Development, Java, Java Scripts, node.js, Node.js and all type of web development frameworks
    • Your Trainer is Microsoft Certified Trainer 

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Get Certified | Build a Team for Life by joining .net Developers Group | Internal Private Messaging | Certificate Validation for your new employer | Post your own Articles (subjected for approval) and self advertise your Skills |

If you have Question anytime in your life – then just remember that you have a team here!

If you are already working then we guarantee that you will increase your .net development confidence with this training!

Additional bonus classes will be offered on archetypes of projects, project management, business analysis, system analysis and quality assurance in relation to the .net/Java/ Development environment. We believe just the development skills are not enough for an engineer/developer to be called as the efficient & professional developer, until an unless they understand their role and others’ roles in the team, understand the environment and cultures. Have more questions then CHAT NOW for answers!


Course Curriculum

Getting started with .Net MVC 01:00:00
Creating first application and connecting with database using entity framework 01:00:00
TJ.NetS1U2.Quiz1 00:30:00
Models views and controllers
ASP.NET programming with Razor Views 01:00:00
Controllers and Actions 01:00:00
Models 01:00:00
CRUD Functionality using Entity Framework 01:00:00
Closure on modules covered so far 01:00:00
Quiz on Controllers, Models And Views 00:10:00
Working with Databases
Working with MSSQL and Entiity Framework Database First Aproach 01:00:00
Validation and Error Messages 01:00:00
Understanding LINQ 01:00:00
LINQ to Entities 01:00:00
Working with 2 different databases (MSSQL/MYSQL) in one application 01:00:00
UI and Layouts
Jquery and Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 01:00:00
Templates and Plugins (Datatable Plugin) 01:00:00
XHR, Partial Views 01:00:00
AJAX and WEB APIS 01:00:00
Extra Topics
Security and Authentication 01:00:00
open Authentication using Facebook, Twitter, Google Etc. Using oAuth 01:00:00
Live Projects
Timesheet Application 01:00:00
Single Page Application 01:00:00

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  1. Very Professional!!


    I took class with Tom while back, he has lots of experience. He is a great teacher with excellent knowledge!!

  • 2 months
  • Course Certificate

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