CMA: Certified Management Accountant Exam Review

CMA: Certified Management Accountant Exam Review


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    Everything you need to succeed:

    • Complete CMA Review Course
    • Online Intelligent Textbooks
    • 2,400+ CMA Exam Study Questions
    • Simulated CMA Practice Exams
    • Access Until You Pass
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    CMA: Book Bundle

    • Printed Textbooks: Included
    • FastBook: Not Included
    • Study Questions: 139
    • Practice Exams: Not Included
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    CMA: Online Bundle

    • Printed Textbooks: Not Included
    • FastBook: Included
    • Study Questions: 2564
    • Practice Exams: Unlimited
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    CMA: Smart Bundle

    • Printed Textbooks: Included
    • FastBook: Included
    • Study Questions: 2564
    • Practice Exams: Unlimited
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    Proven Technology to Help You Pass the CMA Exam

    Printed CMA Exam Textbooks

    Our textbook contains all the information you need to master in order to pass both Certified Management Accountant exams. The material is updated to current exam specifications and format. The learning material in the paperback book is exactly the same as the online FastBook, and is perfect for those who prefer reading an actual book.

    FastBook – The Intelligent Book

    The FastBook is a powerful electronic textbook, with intelligent learning that guides you to the best opportunities to improve your score.

    CMA Study Bank

    Access over 2,400 CMA exam questions with complete explanations. Advanced filters allow you to pinpoint the exact type of questions you want to review. You can review incorrect answers from prior study sessions, or try our FastFocus to identify the subjects that will help you the most.

    CMA Practice Exams

    You can take as many practice exams as you need, each unique, and designed to emulate the true exam. You receive a score, along with a comprehensive performance analysis once you complete a CMA practice exam. Our practice exams prepare you for the experience you can expect when you take the real exams, so if you can pass with us, you can feel confident when you take the real test.

    Academic Support

    We are here when you need a little help overcoming a difficult question or concept. We make it simple for you to get the answers you need. With the click of a button, we connect you to instructors dedicated to helping you pass this exam.

    Community Support

    You don’t need to study alone when you have access to our online community. The community connects you to other CMA candidates on their path to success. Make friends, ask questions, support and help each other, and more!


    It all begins with a plan, and creating it is easy with our interactive study planner.
    Set yourself up for success, and complete your exam on time!

    Study Planner Features:

    • Easy one minute setup
    • Simple drag and drop rescheduling, or use email


    As you answer questions, the system learns how well you comprehend the subjects covered on the exam.

    Study Bank Features:

    • Thousands of questions with comprehensive explanations
    • Comprehensive performance measurement
    • Filter questions by chapter, subject, or weak areas.

    Focus Your Review.

    We can leverage your performance data to focus your time more effectively. With the click of a button you can shrink the text of the FastBook down to the sections that are important to your review. Special filters in the Study Bank allow you to concentrate your studies on the right areas.


    • Personal & community performance
    • FastFocus one-click review
    Learn more?

    Emulate the Real Test With Practice Exams.

    Get the confidence you need to pass the first time. Our exams are as close as you will get to a real exam. If you can pass here, you are ready to take the real exam with confidence.

    Practice Exam Features:

    • Unlimited unique exams
    • Timed and subject-weighted just like a real exam
    • Scoring and full subject analysis


    While many of our students use self-study, with our system you are never alone. With a single click, you can get help from an instructor quickly, when you need it most.

    Community Features:

    • Expert academic support
    • Community messaging system
    • CMA Textbooks In Print

    All the information you need to pass the Certified Management Accountant exams is contained within these pages. The book follows the current (2015) exam specifications and format. The print version includes the same information as the online FastBook version, and is great for those who prefer a printed textbook.

    Anytime… Anywhere

    Our learning platform works on most major devices including: iPad, iPhone, most Android phones, Mac, and Windows computers!

    Finally, a CMA exam course designed to help you pass the first time!

    The Fast Forward Difference:

    • Patented technology nobody else has
    • One-click focus on the right subjects
    • Academic support included
    • Course access until you pass
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