AG BA Training L.I

AG BA Training L.I

This “Professional ENTERPRISE BUSINESS SYSTEM ANALYSIS L1 TRAINING” is video based Training. This course takes you through the journey of PM, [...]

This “Professional ENTERPRISE BUSINESS SYSTEM ANALYSIS L1 TRAINING” is video based Training.

  • This course takes you through the journey of PM, BA, SA, QA and UAT Manager from the project start to the end. You will create your own templates and work on all project artifacts as assignment to complete this course.
  • Interactions supported in online live discussions, public or private group discussions, or by personal email or phone chats. You can ask unlimited questions to your instructors not just during training but  even after the training for 5 years.
  • Live project : As the project of this training, this batch will create a all artifacts starting from the project start to the project end for each unit simulated scenarios. practical experience in the working artifacts can be achieved by taking higher level classes or by participating in after training volunteer service in our live projects.
  • After attending this training, a Project Management Professional shall experience everything that he/she needs to know to fulfill the role of BA, PM, SA and UAT QA
  • Create a team here for future job references, recommendation, participate by asking question or answering others. You will have lifetime access to your group and team. It is not a social media rather a professional discussion board!
  • On the Job Professional Training &  Support available if needed. 
  • Training  time: Anytime when you are free. You get three retakes which will completely restart the class. Special Instructor based videos and classes available for who request first – fill-out the form on your right.
  • 1 year access to the live podcasts & videos of all ongoing training-s  via shared links & email. Access to webinars and conferences.

Your Trainer Qualification:

  • Your Trainer is 10+ Years experienced in Project Management, Business Analysis, System Analysis, Development & Quality Assurance.
  • Your Trainer is PMP Certified, TQM Certified, Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, ProAdvisor, Guru etc

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  • (Coupon will expire soon-First Come First Serve)
  • Updated Course Videos & Units are being added every day- you will be given extra two more months after the last unit’s final update is made. Make sure to ask your trainer to reset the course if not.

This training was originally created for already experienced Sr level business analysts, so you may find complexity in content. We did our best to simplify the training material from basics to advance. You will be able to re-take this course 2 more times with no extra cost within 60 days. CHAT NOW for all answers!


What else will Trainees Get?

Access to more than 20 Templates: You will have access to books which will include more than 20 real corporate templates of AG for your educational use only. These templates are copyright projected for professional and commercial use.

Qualified Trainer(s): Your trainer is executive PhD Student, MBA, PMP Certified with over 9+ years of professional experience in IT as Lead/Sr. Business (System) Analysis, Project Management and UAT Management. He has been training professionals for more than 4 years.

Accesses to AG Knowledge-base: Meet a team of working PMs, BAs, SAs, Devs, Admins and QAs and share your questions and concerns. You will have access to all the project related discussions & contents.

Access to FlipBooks: Access books for your for the training (educational use only). Copyright protected by authors.

Certification: After completing your minimal requirements of assignments, project artifacts, quizzes etc. you will be granted AG Certification for the completion of the  BA L-1 course. You can present it to you current or future employers if requested. Your certification will be accessible via certification search at the bottom  of the home page. Valid for 1 year.

Future Job Support: You will have access to ask questions. On the job support advance training available for those who wants to learn more about the Business Analysis and Project Management.

Advance Project Management Life Cycle: Learn about the way projects are handled in different companies and gain a comprehensive knowledge on advance project management life-cycles like  lean, Iterative  (Agile-SCRUM), Adoptive , plan driven and hybrid.

What is not included in this level -1: Practically seeing how your requirements are being implemented as the working live solution. You will have to take level-2 course in order to see the live examples of writing the requirements, developing the solutions and performing the UAT testing, everything from start to end. Level-3 course includes the advance level of analysis strategies, optimal project management processes and internal executive level decision makings in project management including software simulations and uses. However, for all these higher level courses, you will have to at least complete Level-1 as Level-1 content will not be described again in those classes. DO NOT WORRY – YOU WILL LEARN EVERYTHING NEEDED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ANALYST FROM BASICS TO ADVANCE. YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING HERE FROM START TO END INCLUDING LIVE PROJECT & UAT BUT THROUGH VIDEOS, ASSIGNMENTS & QUIZZES IN SIMPLE LANGUAGE. AFTER COMPLETING THIS CLASS IF YOU WISH TO PRACTICE WRITING ADDITIONAL PROJECT ARTIFACTS AND CONDUCTING UAT – THEN LET YOUR TRAINER KNOW- KEEP PRACTICING!

**IMPORTANT NOTICE. Read before buying!

This Training is “Instructor’s Video Based Training”. You will be required to prepare actual requirements and testing artifacts in order to complete this course. Participation requirements will only be fulfilled by the questions you ask in BA forum – discussion. Your trainer will be available for offline messaging, emails and supporting by answering discussion questions you ask online.

Instructors are liable for their own classes. AG & STMS maintains the standard & Quality of classes by reviewing each class unit every month. Please report any issue (including complains, content correction, rewards and refunds directly to supports@accountancy-group.com. We take customer issues as the our highest priority task.


Course Curriculum

AG BA L.I- Introduction
AG eBA L1_Course Intro FREE 00:15:00
AG eBA L1_Assignments Recap & PE Concepts 00:45:00
AG BA L.I- BA Hats, Roles & Career
AG eBA L1_BA Career Pathways FREE 00:30:00
AG eBA L1_BA Environments & Roles 01:00:00
AG eBA L1_BA Different HATs 01:00:00
AG eBA L1_BA Terms, Tips and Tricks FREE 01:00:00
AG BA L.I- Organizations, KA & Activities
AG eBA L1_Organizational Structure 00:30:00
AG eBA L1_BA Knowledge Areas & Framework 01:15:00
AG eBA L1_PM and BA Activities FREE 01:00:00
AG eBA L1_PM & BA Activities MC, Execution & Closure 01:00:00
AG BA L.I- Quick Win: Mini Project
AG eBA L1_Performance Assessment: Mini Project 02:00:00
AG eBA L1_Mini Project: Working Session 02:00:00
AG BA L.I- Project Methodologies
AG eBA L1_ WRECKED Prob. & Prj. Methodologies 00:45:00
AG eBA L1_ Prj. Methodologies “WaterFall(s)” 00:45:00
AG eBA L1_ Prj. Methodologies “V to Saw Tooth” 00:45:00
AG eBA L1_Proj. Methodologies-SCRUM Flow & Roles FREE 01:00:00
AG eBA L1_Proj. Methodologies- SCRUM Usability 01:00:00
AG BA L.I- Proj. Methodologies & Tools Practicality
AG eBA L1_Proj. Methodologies: Real Life Example 01:00:00
AG eBA L1_ Proj. Agile vs WF Using Assesmnet Example FREE 01:00:00
AG BA L.I- Product Owner (What is your PO Hat ?)
AG BA L.I- Working As SCRUM Master
AG BA L.I- BA in Six Sigma Projects
AG BA L.I- BA in Scalable & Test Driven Projects
AG BA L.I- BA in Lean Projects
AG BA L.I-BA in Kanban Continuous Flow Projects
AG BA L.I- Scope Management
AG BA L.I- Stakeholder Management
AG BA L.I- Risk Management
AG BA L.I- Communication Management
AG BA L.I- Schedule & Cost Management
AG BA L.I- Leadership & Ownership in IT Projects
AG BA L.I- Analysis, Design & Documentation
AG BA L.I- User Acceptance Testing
AG BA L.I- BI & Data Analysis
AG BA L.I- Reporting & Corporate Standards
AG BA L.I- Final Project
AG BA L.I- Test

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  1. Sage- You are the Best!


    I always tried to learn business analysis on my own since I started working for BCBS as Junior BA from 2009. There were many questions always left to be answered. The course here answered most of them and I found them very practical. I used the strategies and ideas form this course. It totally changed my department. I couldn’t wait to see Sage and to introduce him to my project team. He came to see our Program Manager and team- it was a grand meeting to my satisfaction. I still wanted to thank Sage publicly, so here I am with my most honest review. If you are enrolled in this class then you can send me email internally.

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