Professional Recruiting Manager (Training)

Certification Code: [certificate_code]

Certification Date: 11/12/2018

SoU, hereby certifies employee [certificate_student_name] of Adept Pro, for successfully completing the training course [certificate_course] , on 11/12/2018.


Adept Pro (SoU) ,  Training Department

2300 Valley View Ln, 230, Irving, Texas, 75062 | 469 444 0718| hr@adept-pro.com

Training for eligible Sentience Techno-Management Solutions LLC, Adept Pro LLC & AG professionals only. Verify authenticity of  this certificate by entering ” Certificate Code” at the bottom of homepage of www.sagesofuniverse.com. The certificates without Certification Date is invalid. Please contact us for the trainee’s performance detail report.  

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