Bonus: Quick Tips on Gap Analysis

Enhance Your Gap Analysis Document

Although we can use a simple excel file to create Gap Document for Gap analysis, we can always enhance this document to meet our need. Every project is different and unique on its own way. Here are additional tips to enhance your Gap Analysis:

  1. Color coding: Use color “Red” as the Gap Exists =”Yes” and Green for “No”. It will make it easier to read, understand or to demonstrate it to another person.
  2. Use Excel file – It is not limited to excel file, but excel is very effective tool for creating tables and comparing each cell.
  3. Use a Tab as “Version/History”: When you completed first gap analysis give it a version 1.0 and for next analysis version it as 1.1 or 2.0. Provide Date and Description of each version.
  4. Use a Tab “Supporting Documents”: Provide links or attachments in this tab with description of all the documents or sources that were used to create this gap document.


Gap Analysis is a general tool to monitor higher level functionality, especially used by Business Team; however, it has some limitations. One known limitation worth mentioning here is that it is nearly impossible to monitor a project which has thousands of small improvements and also when these improvements are broken down into many phases. In other words, we can only use a Gap analysis in Higher Level or for small part of a huge project. Mostly, gap analysis is done in a different way and named differently when it has to deal with system level details. Most of the times, we call it Traceability Matrix or Mapping Documents. These documents use some concepts of Gap Analysis but they are not considered as an Authentic Gap Documents. They are system level Docs or reference docs for system specs. I will make sure to post another blog on Traceability Matrix and Mapping Documents.


Refer to Article “Professional Way of GAP ANALYSIS” for over view and refer to article “Efficient Way of Performing Gap Analysis” for additional help on how to easily create a gap analysis document.

March 15, 2015

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